Monday, December 27, 2010


Ok, tried out Delicious and it's pretty cool. What happens now that it's for sale? Is is now passe? I do need to manage my favorites, la memoria se va...

Sarita's Favoritas 2010

The Girls from the Revolutionary Cantina by M. Padilla - a fun chica lit story that takes place in Southern Califas where several amigas struggle with love, work and telenovela stars.

Hungry Woman in Paris by Josefina López – from the author of Real Women have Curves comes this book about a Chicana in Paris reconnecting with her passion and learning to cook truit farcie aux morilles

Beautiful Maria of my Soul by Oscar Hijuelos – is the Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love from the point of view of the heroine. Sink into the passion and romance of pre-Castro Cuba and experience the thrilling times of 20th century revolutionary upheaval

Haunted Honeymoon by Marta Acosta – the latest installment in the Casa Dracula series, a humorous alternative to the melodramatic Twilight series that features a snarky Latina heroine, think Bridget Jones with Micheladas instead of Bloody Mary’s.

The Lady Matador’s Hotel by Cristina García – a deftly woven novel about people from vastly different cultures and stories who converge on the Miraflor Hotel in Central America with explosive consequences, this book is a real treat!

Queen of the South by Arturo Pérez Reverte – an exciting and suspenseful novel about a woman who escapes with her life when narcotraficantes murder her lover to ultimately triumph as a reigning queen of the trade. Will be made into a telenovela this spring starring Kate Del Castillo.

The Elephant’s Journey by José Saramago – this master storyteller died last year; this historical novel takes readers from the Lisbon of 1551 to Vienna to deliver Archduke Maximilian’s wedding present - an elephant.

Into the Beautiful North by Luis Alberto Urrea – a formidable young woman, Nayeli, journeys north on the trail of her father to find her own ‘Magnificent Seven’ to bring back to her small town in Mexico; a town that has been almost completely abandoned by men and is in danger of being taken over by criminals.

Blackout in Precinct Puerto Rico by Steven Torres – police procedurals that take place in Angustias PR featuring police chief Luis Gonzalo; this one has him up against potential vigilante justice

Season of Ash by Jorge Volpi – Volpi is not easy to read because of his stylistic innovations and layered story-telling, but the effort is well worth the trouble. This novel brings you into the story of three women from different parts of the world whose lives are intertwined through globally significant events.

Lone Star Legend by Gwendolyn Zepeda – chica lit with a tejana twist about blogger Sandy Saavedra and her life and loves in Austin

Feast of the Goat by Mario Vargas Llosa – the great Nobel Laureate brings his story-telling talents to recreate the life and times of Dominican despot Trujillo